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Good job

What the? WHERE'S MUFFINMAN9?!!! haha, just kidding man, good job! I loved the music and the idea, good selection of some of the best flash last year!

BiZZaRoTomFulp responds:

Johnny vs the zombies was pretty epic. Sorry I left you out bro.


Glad the collab worked for you jayden and congradulations on the award. Some of the parts were awesome...some of them dragged on for ages were boring and not entertaining in any way. But still good job everyone, that was well put together and I can see a lot of work went into this!

MrRandomist responds:

Thanks for the review!
nice to see you liked it

that really was something

That was cool. The animation is great and trippy. Very nice animation

TheBoogley responds:

now I know the muffin man! :D

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Add some more features such as clothes etc. You should add more than different colours of eyes, maybe angry eyes, sad eyes, happy etc. More features are needed here, maybe you could do more than 1 character or something. The image you used for the background isn't good quality. Still I guess it was pretty fun, keep up the flash man

zzbtbest1000zz responds:

Those are really good ideas,
thanks, but as for the background, i had to enlarge it so that it would be realistic, not a sharp square spinning in circles, if it started out big, i wouldn't have to reduce the quality,
thanks for the good review.

Man this is overrated

well, I mean, it's kinda funny. But top 50? Daily feature, weekly users choice? It's pretty alright and deserves maybe a daily 3rd or 4th place as I enjoyed it, but not all those awards and definitely not top 50!

I'm just saying, a lot of people put tons of effort into their flashes and get lower scores. I have to rate it low since it's so overrated


I think this impossible to do without a walkthrough (unless you want to spend hours trying it which i don't)

I used this walkthrough: http://heavytank.newgrounds.com/news/

well, at least i got a few medals here thanks to cheating ^^

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How did this only get a score of 2.93? It deserves over 4.30!

Anyway I'm really glad you put this up! This is an awesome song


Yeah, I love metal, and you are a talented musician my friend. Keep up the awesomness

deathkllr84 responds:

thanks \m/


It's a great song and you have covered it so it's just as great, or even better than the original. I've always liked your songs pheel, keep it up!

Hey wdc?

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